When it is time to say goodbye…

When the time arrives that every pet owner dreads, as your animal comes to the end of its life, we would like to think that you would trust us to advise you. We will discuss the situation carefully with you and once the decision is made, carry it out professionally but with compassion.

We understand that this is a very traumatic time and our staff are trained to help and advise you on the options available. We can recommend a professional Pet Crematorium which offers a range of services including the return of ashes in a casket if you so wish. Alternatively, you might want to be personally responsible for your pet’s burial, as long as this is permitted by your local authority.

The bond that develops between owner and pet can often be very strong and we know that many people find this to be an exceedingly difficult time. Remember, we are pet owners too and we know from personal experience how you are feeling.

Pet Farewells