We would actively recommend neutering your pet at an early stage, unless you wish to breed from them later on.

Cats can be sexually mature at the tender age of 6 months. To prevent an unwanted pregnancy we advise you to have your kitten spayed (female) or castrated (male) at 5 months of age. Castrating males at this age helps to stop them roaming and getting into fights. It also reduces the pungent and pervasive smell associated with adult male cats.

Castrating male dogs will help to solve behavioural problems and minimise prostrate problems later in life. If a bitch is spayed before her first season, the risk of mammary cancer is drastically reduced.

However, these important decisions should be fully discussed with the vet to help you decide if and when you are happy to have your pet neutered.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are becoming ever more popular. Neutering them will help in controlling aggression and prevent some problems, but they are more sensitive to stress and therefore an anaesthetic may be more of a risk. Again, fully discuss this with one of our vets.

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