Pet insurance

It is well worth considering pet insurance. It means you and your vet can offer the very best medical treatment to your pet without the worry of how to pay.

When deciding on an insurer always read the small print to ensure you compere like for like. The following may help you compare policies:-

Firstly, what type of cover is offered? Lifetime cover, a fixed amount for life or an annual contract?

The most comprehensive level of cover is “Lifetime” where an insurer will offer a fixed amount of cover for vet fees each year and then reinstate the full amount of the benefit each year when you renew your policy.

Also consider whether the policy includes:

  • Referrals to veterinary University Hospitals and other referral centres where specialist knowledge and equipment is available.
  • Complementary treatment such as acupuncture.
  • Specialist diets and prescription foods.
  • Cover for animals over a certain age.
  • Third party liability should your animal cause damage or injury.

Whilst we do not recommend any particular insurance company we have information on many of the major insurers. Ask Reception for details. You may also be interested to know that when the time comes for you to make a claim we complete the claim form for you and forward it to your insurer who will then reimburse you direct.

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