Prescription diets

We stock a wide range of Hill’s diets for both the healthy pet and the sick patient.

For the healthy animal

We have a wide range of Hill’s Science Plan foods to take your animal from a youngster (GROWTH diet) through adolescence into adulthood (MAINTENANCE diet) and from there into old age (SENIOR diet). Also we have a LIGHT range for those pets who are a little on the heavy side! These diets are readily available at Reception.

For the sick patient

In addition to any medical treatment your pet may be receiving, the vet may suggest a particular prescription diet as an adjunct to therapy.

These diets can be of great benefit in many conditions including heart disease, kidney problems, anorexia, urinary crystals, liver disease, obesity plus many more.

In all cases, the vet will prescribe a particular diet for your pet. These diets are not available over reception without consultation with a vet in the first instance.

If your pet is already on one of these prescription diets and you need a further supply, please remember to give our Reception staff at least three days notice so that the required food can be ordered for you.

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